Are you ready to go on your very own LIVING SPREE? Whether it's image, career, spirit, parenting, relationships or heath, everyone deserves to feel confident in their daily lives no matter where they live. Della LaShaun has global clients who choose her to be their confidence consultant, because as a hair stylist, trained chef, certified life coach and a fabulous seasoned sista (wink), who has years of experience in business, motherhood, an exquisite palate, a stylish eye, and an amazing awareness of how to FIND YOUR LIGHT & STRUT IN IT!

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Here’s a little secret, straight my from lips to your heart:

Confidence is your #1 best business ‘+ personal secret weapon’. It trumps luck, knowledge – even talent.

But nobody can give you more confidence. Not even me. You can’t buy it, even for multiple thousands of dollars, a lifetime supply of raw chocolate truffles, and all the limited-edition Marc Jacobs bags in the world.

Confidence is earned, through daily ACTION & ACCOUNTABILITY — just like putting coins in a Confidence Bank.

Some actions earn you a couple of nickels. Other actions can earn you a big stack of crisp $100 bills. And others can make you a Confidence Billionaire. (Look out, Oprah!)

The more you do, the more you earn. The more you risk, the more you keep.

And once those coins are in your bank, nobody can take them away from you.



We think about that question as children and to be honest, many of us continue to ask it throughout our adult lives. Consider yourself blessed if you know exactly what you want to do and can happily do it for your lifetime. But the rest of us just keep hoping to find “fulfillment in our jobs, business, relationships, spirit, finances, love etc” as it constantly eludes us. Or, we get into a job or profession for a long period of time, then by choice or by force, we change to something different only to continue the cycle over and over again.

  • Are you STUCK in FEAR?

  • Are you existing or are you LIVING?

  • Lack CONFIDENCE in living your dreams?

  • Need meal planning or assistance with health and nutrition goals?

  • Are you feeling over the hilL OR AN EMPTY NESTER AND CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT'S NEXT?

  • Challenged with your PURPOSE or can't figure out why YOU'RE here?

  • Stressed out and can't find clarity in anything no matter how hard you try?


What is it that you want to be when you GROW UP? Yes I said when you grow up.  There are certain things that many of us have to LET GO in order for us to GROW!

Therefore, I ask you again, WHAT IS IT YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?  Is it successful, happy, healthy, an entrepreneur, prosperous etc.?  In today's world we have so many OPTIONS and with that comes CONFUSION which leads to LACK OF CONFIDENCE and INSECURITY.  Virtual consulting with Della LaShaun, you'll find CLARITYClarity is power.  Leaders have it and followers are constantly looking for it. You’ll acquire it, no matter where you’re starting from. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of what it is you truly want most in your life, make fundamental decisions, build a plan and create strategies for sustained momentum.



HOW-TO TEACHING methods that will walk you through step-by-step on accomplishing each topic goal.

  • The Lift: (1 )- 2 hour private LIVE SKYPE with Della LaShaun or your choice of:
  • The Breakthrough: 2 Months of 50 minute bi-monthly Skype sessions
  • The Make Me Over: 2 Months of 50 minute weekly Skype sessions

Topic Of Your Choice (ex. Fear, Focus, Clarity, Health, Spirit, Entrepreneurship, Relationships etc.)

“Ask Me Anything” "What's On Your Mind?" Advice & Solution Session

  • 4 Empowerment Texts A Month

Della will personally send to your cell phone an inspirational text (1 per week) message that will uplift, encourage and empower you as you continue through your week. 

  • 4 Email Affirmations

Receive a weekly email from Della that will consist of an inspirational affirmation that you will repeat out loud throughout the day. 

  • Discounts + Affiliations

As a Virtual Consulting Client you will receive discounted prices on all future courses, events and products. (you must be a weekly client for at least 2 consecutive months)



  • Get out of the FEAR zone & Step into the FIERCE zone
  • Make Over Tips
  • Learn to identify your beliefs and understand how they shape your decisions on every level.
  • Learn how to regain your CONFIDENCE & command attention when you enter a room
  • Discover the Power Virtues—courage, determination, faith and compassion. Incorporate them into your life so you can shed your old conditioning and develop a brighter, more purposeful future.
  • UNLEASH your hidden powers.
  • Gain clarity and begin to understand what really makes you HAPPY.
  • Learn to stop sabotaging yourself and take effective action that will lead to your ultimate goals.
  • You will have developed a keen awareness into the male mind and an acute understanding of how they think, what their wants and needs are in women, what their body language is telling you and how to decode their non-verbal communication and what they say.
  • You’ll learn what to do on your dates that will make you stand out among other women and how to behave & communicate in-between dates (the other half of the battle) that will keep you on his mind and dying to see more of you. You'd be surprised at the stuff in-between dates that women slip up on that cause men to lose interest!
  • You’ll learn masterful attraction-building skills, and we will enhance your “Personal Magnetism” & Charisma for Irresistible Attraction!
  • You’ll be much more sexier, confident & attractive from the inside-out. Everything to get attracting the man or the career you want.
  • And if you're a SEASONED WOMAN (35 years young & up) learn to embrace that you're just that "SEASONED...NEVER OLD" and begin to understand that "YOU'RE LIKE FINE WINE & YOU ONLY GET BETTER WITH TIME!" GIRLFRIEND IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR GROOVE BACK!



The primary benefits of consulting are being able to get clarity and make purposeful, strategic decisions, break through obstacles, and experience your potential more easily than you would without consulting. Consulting will help you:

  • Make a major transition
  • Solve problems
  • Identify and take advantage of opportunities
  • Increase business revenues and personal income
  • Reach previously-unattained goals
  • Design a plan of action
  • Make decisions
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Communicate clearly and confidently, even in difficult situations

In addition to these areas, I consult and support you as you:

  • Implement a plan of action, work through the inevitable changes, fears and obstacles
  • Maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional life
  • Keep looking ahead to take advantage of opportunities on the horizon
  • Experience your potential
  • Stay focused on your needs, values, and vision
  • Self love tips & much more



  • A computer with internet access
  • A SKYPE (it's FREE to setup)
  • Pen & Notebook
  • Cell Phone with Text Capability
  • Email



I know your thinking Della's Virtual Consulting is going cost an "arm, a leg and maybe even a few toes" but that's far from the truth.  I understand my worth and yet I also understand the hardships many are facing during these challenging economic times and if you become a Virtual Consulting Client, hardships will become a thing of the past for you really soon! 

Now with all that said, ARE YOU READY to gain CLARITY, walk in FEARLESS living, become PROSPEROUS in every area of your life, EMBRACE your CHARISMA & CONFIDENCE?

So if your willing & ready to take the opportunity right now, you can become a Virtual Consulting Client by CLICKING HERE.

Listen... I understand many of you are giving so much of yourselves to your families, jobs, communities etc. and yet  nobody can take care of you better than you take care of yourself. But here’s my question...

Are you REALLY DOING A GOOD JOB OF TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF... Are you stressed all the time, too busy to cook your man a FABULOUS meal or even too busy to even have a man? Are you confused, saddened and lonely to enjoy anything meaningful in life?

Remember the old saying "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink?"  With that said, I can only give you the tools. But you have to want this for yourself. Otherwise your friends, your relationship, your job, your children and the traffic jams will continue to confuse and stress you out. And you’ll never really have control over the desires of your heart and your life. So begin to join me in my Virtual Consulting sessions and see if it doesn’t dramatically change your life. Desire more? Come Closer.

Shine On,