While on a food tour with Six Taste, I was introduced to such a cool juice bar DTLA--located in the Spring St Arcade. A quick heads up, they're totally upgrading this historic arcade building With a chill vibe, groovy music and authentic Jamaican meat pies, The Green Grotto Juice Bar is a must taste. No faking it here--they press their juice daily baby.

The meat patties were delicious and I fell in love with the beet juice. No worries, if you're feeling creative, you can design your own juice. Go on with your bad self then!

The owner Kieran gave me a brief background on how he came about creating the Green Grotto. Born and raised in New York and with a major Jamaican heritage, he named the bar after the Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica. If you've ever experienced them up close, you know that hey are absolutely breathtaking.

Thanks so much Kieran for a delicious experience and history behind the brand and to Six Taste for a food tour.