I received one of the best birthday presents from my daughter recently and although the champagne and roses were perfect enough, it was the food tour around downtown LA that was the icing on the cake. I must say, the child knows her mother very well.

I really didn't know what to expect but I knew I wanted to eat some delicious food. Don't we all?  I'll tell you this, Six Taste Food Tours met my expectations and beyond!  Sally is the founder and was our tour guide for the day. She is amazing and knows her food hunni! Not only did we eat at 7 different local food spots in DTLA but Sally also shared with us some cool historic landmarks around the city. From the best Thai chicken I've ever tasted and Jamaican patties to the most incredible authentic Ecuadorian pupusas, Six Taste Food Tour took me on a delicious trip and I loved every bite!

The tour was a total of $65 (in my opinion, well worth it and more) and it lasted around 5 hours. And get this, you walk to every location. You would think that after eating all of this delicious food that you would be pulling yourself up from the floor--not hardly the case. Six Taste portions out just enough vittles to have you pleasantly filled but never stuffed. Plus the walking kept us from gaining any unwanted pounds. Score!

The food was great, I learned a lot about the city I now call home and I met some incredible people who--like myself were true foodies. Not to mention, I really liked that Sally chose a few eateries that may not get the chance to stand out like the major DTLA restaurants.

If you ever have the chance, I suggest trying out Six Taste Food Tours. They even do private tours for groups and businesses.

What a cool experience. Check out more photos below.