Sexy Forever: Youth Juice Beet Smoothie

So you wanna know why I look like I bathe in the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH? True Blood of course... nahhh just kidding, it's my YOUTH JUICE boo. Get into this!

I remember growing up my grandmother would say "eat your beets darling, it's good for your blood." Beets are a Super Anti-oxident that fights cancer + reduces inflammation. They improve blood flow + cleanse the liver. Known to lower blood pressure and beets contain high amounts of boron related to the production of sex hormones. Beets contribute to physical healing and are good for your mental health, as they contain betain, which aids in depression. These power packed red beauties are high in fiber, vitamin C, iron, folic acid + calcium. Good enough for ya? Let's get our beet juice on:


1 to 2 red beets (raw)
-1 orange
-1 celery stalk
- handful of kale
- handful of strawberries
-cup of water
-few ice cubes

This smoothie will give you loads of energy + is delish! Here's to LiVing Well + Eating Clean.