Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, nothing screams the fall season like pumpkins. And Harvest Moon from Blue Moon Brewing (Coors Brewing) has joined the party with it’s Pumpkin Ale flavor. It’s a seasonal beer of Coors that is available from early September through late November. Blue Moon brewery is best known for its wheat-style Belgian white, commonly referred to solely as "Blue Moon," and often accompanied by a squeeze of orange. In addition to the Wheat Ale, Honey Moon Summer Ale and Blue Moon Winter Ale, the Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale is the brewery's fourth distinct beer style. I had to try.

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drink this: pressed juicery

Many of you know I've taken on this whole to Eat To Live Lifestyle and since living in LA it has kicked it up a notch. I was introduced to Pressed Juicery by a celeb friend of mine and I'm happy to announce that I'm hooked and have become a regular visitor ever since.

With a slogan like "Get back to Your Roots" and celeb patrons such as Nicole Richie + Alfre Woodard, Pressed Juicery is the ultimate in cleansing + detoxing + roots + greens. With their rustic

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My Counter Burger To Go

I usually refrain from eating past 8PM but hey it was Friday night and I was in the mood for a burger. I strolled over to The Counter around 10PM and boy was I in for a fabulous experience. I informed the waitress that I was a virgin to the establishment and therefore she needed to be patient with me and serve up a little guidance on how they roll. She gave me a menu in which you literally build your burger either on a bun or in a bowl! (yes my dear a burger bowl) There were so many items to choose from, I honestly had to contain myself.

My Morning Joe + Lunch To Go At Caffe Primo

Today this early bird catches coffee + croissant at Caffe Primo and I must say it was DELISH! Yes my carmel latte was a bit pricey at $4.50 but what did I expect, Caffe Primo is ironically located in the infamous Banking District of downtown L.A. Btw they have another location on Sunset. As I waited for the barista to whip up my delicious caffeine in a cup, I somehow ended up

eat to live: two moms in the raw granola bars

I ran across these healthy treats while grabbing my Starbucks fix. It looked really healthy and seeing that I'm embracing this eat to live lifestyle, I had to try it. Not only were they good but I found out there is a fascinating story behind the making of the product. Two Moms In The Raw was founded by Shari Leidich a mom of three children that was diagnosed with Multiple Scierosis and decided to embrace a natural eating lifestyle.  After continuously searching with no luck