My Morning Joe + Lunch To Go At Caffe Primo

Today this early bird catches coffee + croissant at Caffe Primo and I must say it was DELISH! Yes my carmel latte was a bit pricey at $4.50 but what did I expect, Caffe Primo is ironically located in the infamous Banking District of downtown L.A. Btw they have another location on Sunset. As I waited for the barista to whip up my delicious caffeine in a cup, I somehow ended up gazing over at the red velvet + carrot cakes not to mention the pressed panini sandwiches caught my eye as well.  And voila! A brilliant thought came to mind. Why not order lunch to go also?! And that is exactly what I did. I revisited the friendly cashier and ordered a pastrami + mozzarella pressed panini with a chocolate bread pudding muffin that weighed in at least 2 1/2 lbs. on the side. Hunni, for the hefty price of $6 these delicious delectables are huge. It surely will take me 2 days to finish it. Oh and by the way the cashier made it a point to tell me to make sure that I warm up the muffin. Something about the chocolate + pudding  oozing together inside...Can I say, Amazing!

Besides a quaint dine in decor Caffe Primo has much more to offer. You can hang out while sipping on a Peroni over a good conversation and if it gets really juicy, then order yourself a roasted sweet potato salad or a grilled chicken breast brown rice bowl to keep the conversation going.

I really enjoyed my Caffe Primo experience and I will definitely make a trip back to soak up more of their atmosphere and dig into their Savory + Sweet Crepes. I hear they are divine!

Caffe Primo
612 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, California
email us: info@
Sunday - Thursday 8AM - 11PM
Fri - Sat - 8AM - 12AM