Chick Review...The Gumbo Pot

While strolling through The Grove recently I decided to grab a bite to eat in the infamous Farmers Market. As many of you may know, there is a variety of places to eat there. From sushi to french dip the choice is yours. Well I decided to travel a bit south by reading over the menu of a restaurant callled The Gumbo Pot.

I was intrigued and my mouth was watering for some good ol Creole cooking and I was hoping that The Gumbo Pot did not disappoint. I ordered the seafood gumbo, vegetarian red beans & rice, corn bread muffin, a side of braised vegetarian collard greens and to wash it all down one of my favorites, a refreshing glass of Arnold Palmer. My gumbo was delicious. It was filled with crab meat, shrimp and a spicy thick broth made with spices, aromatic vegetables, and a dark roux. To sum it up, the gumbo had major flavor. Now let us get to the those greens. Babyyy!!! The last time I had tasty collard greens were in Atlanta GA. These greens were vegetarian and yet had a spicy, sweet and yet smoky flavor to them. You would think they were doused in ham hocks or smoked turkey necks but no sir, just the opposite but the bits of tomato that topped them were amazing. And they offer you an array of hot sauces to top them with or not. The red beans and rice were kinda basic but still good. The cornbread had bits of jalepeno + corn nibs in it. I really enjoyed it.

Now lets talk service. The setup is kinda like your mall food court type of restaurant but the people were pleasant. The guy preparing my plate was great. Not to mention he had some gorgeous eyes. *wink* He even suggested an alternative item which would come out cheaper instead of ordering things separately. My meal came up to a total of $11.96 and I must say for the price, it was worth it. It was great to have some New Orleans style food for a change. Great for grabbing a quick bite to eat with a few friends or during lunch. I will definitely be making my way back soon.

The Gumbo Pot
The Grove Farmers Market
6333 West Third Street #312
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-0358