You Are The Company You Keep

While growing up in Cleveland, Ohio I always knew there was so much more to life outside those cold snowy walls. Yes, at an early age I despised cold weather, I loved reading about extraordinary women and for Christmas I always asked for an electronic cash register with play money in it. It's true! (btw Santa finally gave me that cash register)

della roof crop.jpg

I was always seeking more and I still do to this day. I'm guessing it had a lot to do with being teased as a four-eyed girl nerd escaping the negativity by delving into reading at least 2 books a week starting at the age of seven.

And the older I got, I would always talk about the things, people and the places that I'd read about to my friends and family members. So much that I was called a dreamer.

Well, I've come a long way baby. Call me a dreamer that took action.

Not only have I've done some of the things that I've read about but I'm currently living in the city that I once dreamed of living in. Not to mention, that I've dined and had amazing conversations with those I not only read about as a child but admired as well.

They say "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" and deep down I've always felt that way.

When I felt that I wasn't getting anything from the people that I called my inner circle, I knew it was time to seek a new circle. I guess that's why people say I continuously move a lot and it's true. I've lived in Cleveland, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego and now Los Angeles. And although many look at it as being negative, whether good or bad I'm so grateful to have been able to live in these places while learning so many things from cultures, people and cities that others only dream about.

Yes, it was fun but while blogging back in ATL I could snap selfies with celebrities on a daily just to make it pretty on the outside, but on the inside I knew there was more to me than just that. What I figured out is that I refused to stand in one place giving all that I have to others while gaining nothing in return. It drains you and you become incomplete with nothing left for yourself.

Again, I needed more.

Do you have to move to other cities to find people like yourself? For some NO and for others maybe so. But what I do know is to be #1 you have to be ODD.

Meaning, when you don't fit in anymore, conversations aren't engaging or elevating, everyone comes to YOU for advice and you don't have anyone to turn to, you are the LEADER, and your followers have other motives and aren't supporting your vision, or YOU aren't LEARNING anything from those around you, let's make it plain...these are UNEQUAL relationships and it may be time for an UPGRADE. You've graduated high school and there's no need to revisit because you just don't fit in anymore.

This really sank in as of lately when I truly embraced that I am a BRIGHT LIGHT that some would love to dim while putting me into a box ( not gonna happen) and others waiting for it to shine brighter in order for them to see the way.

Yes, I guess you can call me an explorer always seeking out people that I can learn from, people that will elevate me, those that understand and embrace the authentic me, and those that are not looking to deplete me for the good of themselves.

And I understand that in order to continue to do so, whether friends or family I can't take everyone with me.

Which reminds me of the bible verses:

Genesis 12:1 - Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy father's house: unto a land that I will shew thee: 12:2- And I will make thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing.

I get it! I'm a CHICK IN CHARGE who from here on out will only ride with other CHICKS IN CHARGE (CIC) and although it took a challenging journey to get here (and boy do I mean challenging), it was meant for me to finally soak up some bright sunshine of others like myself here in L.A.

Not to be confused with mainstream media's Chicks In Charge, they'll have you thinking ONLY once you're known as a celebrity "anything" you've finally made it. I'm here to tell you that's the furthest from the truth. Actors, authors, and athletes do not make up the entire ranks of the rich. Most top earners make their fortunes in ways that are less transparent to the public. So please don't think that the company you keep has to only be comprised of the well known.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU.

Today I'm truly grateful for the mentors in my new circle of amazing men and women that I now have in my life. There's no need to publicize who they are at the moment but know that they are not draining me, we are not in competition, we collaborate with one another, and we continue to ask the question "how can I help" and it feels great!

My motto new motto:  "YOU are the COMPANY you keep. Therefore keep it CHIC + ELITE."