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As many of you may have heard, I'm a farmer's market fanatic. On any given day you can catch me strolling down the aisles with bags in tow and the Hollywood Farmers Market on Ivar and Selma is one of my favorites. 

I've strolled down the spice and prepared food aisle plenty of times and yet every time I wanted to grab a crepe, seeing that the crepes are made to order, the line is always off the chain. But this particular Sunday on my way to yoga, I waited. Maybe it was because I had a craving for crepes, needed to learn patience or maybe because I noticed that Chef Andres who prepares all of the crepes was on Instagram and he's eye candy baby!  Maybe it was all three.

I'll wait.

While I waited, I watched Chef Andres prepare the crepes. From pouring the batter, cutting up the ingredients to his always pleasant attitude with a charismatic smile on his face, I did manage to look away to glance over the menu. There were so many crepes to choose from: sweet potato crepes, meat crepes, breakfast crepes, fruit crepes with your choice of Nutella, chocolate drizzle etc.

Well, seeing that I was on my way to get fit, it was only fitting that I selected the fruit crepe, which you have your choice of bananas, mango and strawberry. Well, naturally I chose all three with Nutella. What? It's healthy! I didn't go all the way in with the whipped cream or chocolate drizzle but I did opt-in for the powered sugar.

I'm such a good girl!

I packed mine to go, ran home, place it in the fridge, got my yoga on, returned home and plated it pretty before I dug in and snapped a pretty pic.

So here's the thing. Chef Andres' crepes are the best I've ever tasted! I mean, they are amazing! And his personality matches. Yep, it is and will always be worth the wait!

I have a lot of respect for Chef Andres. He prepares everything and works really hard to serve amazing food every Sunday. So, if you're in Hollywood on a Sunday and even if you're not, get out and visit The Crepe Stand and tell Chef Andres that Della sent ya. He'll remember hunni, there's only one. *wink*